Projects I've created or contributed to in some way.


  • Drip drip drop — A keyboard friendly RSS client for Tiny Tiny Rss. It uses the JSON API to communicate with your tt-rss server, and it's awesome. 2013
  • syotr — Check river levels, pull GPS coordinates and customize your views. 2010
  • blueslug — An anti-social bookmarking site. Built to learn Flask and MongoDB. 2010 - retired
  • Java Certification Mock Exam - A study guide to help you pass the Java Certification Exam. retired


  • Eclipse Memory Analyzer — Contributed several inspectors and enhancements. 2010
  • Color Editor — A syntax color highlighting editor for Eclipse. Used by several other projects. 2002 - retired
  • cphoto — A static photo site generator. 2002 - retired
  • clock — Clock is an unusal way of displaying time that was inspired by Caskey L. Dickson's clok. 2002 - retired
  • Hopy — An instant messenger plugin for Eclipse. 2002 - retired
  • xdoc — A category browser (inspired by Smalltalk of course) for Eclipse. 2002 - retired