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This site features a Java Certification mock exam. The exam attempts to simulate the Java Certification test administrated by various testing agenices on behalf of Sun Microsystems. Exam found here.

My philosophy was to make the mock exam difficult but instructive; that way, if you do poorly, you can learn from your mistakes and hopefully perform better on the real exam. The learning mode of this mock exam should help by providing rationales for every question. The primary reason this exam is more difficult than Sun's is because most of the questions on this exam are difficult, whereas Sun's exam contains some easy and some hard questions.

Several folks have asked me to make the mock exam applet size larger. You can detach the mock exam into its own window by pressing the little box icon in the lower left corner of the mock exam. However, when I took the real exam, it was on a 14 inch monitor that forced me to scroll a great deal on each question. Needless to say I found this very annoying. Again my philosophy is that if you practice under "real" conditions you will do better when put into a similar situation.

A great deal of effort is required to make this one of the best mock exam sites.
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