Hopy should be very straight forward to use, so I’ll describe a few features that aren’t as obvious.

Hopy Contact List

The contact list shows your Groups and Buddies. Online buddies are shown with a yellow_dot yellow indicator and offline buddies are shown with a grey_dot grey indicator. You can chose to not list your offline buddies by selecting the filter Filter Offline Buddies button in the contact list toolbar. Changes made to your buddy list are stored on the server.


Hopy provides several preferences that can be configured in the Window | Preferences Dialog.

Show Timestamp

Determines whether or not timestamps appear in your Messages window.

Pressing carriage return sends message

If this option is checked when you press the Enter key your message will be sent. If it’s not checked then send messages by pressing Ctrl+Enter.


These are the color that will be used in the Messages window. Your comments will appear in the self color. The buddy and admin colors work similarly.

Logging / Log Messages

If this option is checked Hopy will log your messages to HOME/.hopy/logs/[buddy].xml

Sounds / Play sounds for incoming IMs

Choose a sound file to play when you receive an IM.